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I. Translate the following extracts into Chinese. (30 points)
    McDonald’s had lost more than direction. A wave of anti-American feeling abroad turned its world famous “golden arches” from an asset into a liability. And there was growing concern about obesity and junk food. McDonald’s was even sued (so far, unsuccessfully) for making people fat. Even now, long after its debut in America, Morgan Spurlock’s film “Super Size Me” is making overseas audiences cringe at how he made himself ill and gained 25 pounds (11kg) by eating only McDonald’s food for 30 days.
    Many companies might have tried to muddle through. But in January 2003, Jim Cantalupo, a McDonald’s veteran who used to head international operations and who had been passed over for the top job, was brought back from retirement to replace Jack Greenberg, forced out as chief executive by worried shareholders. The “Plan to Win”, as the company’s recovery strategy is called, is largely Mr Cantalupo’s work. He was hugely popular at the firm’s headquarters in a leafy Chicago suburb. However, in April, while attending a McDonald’s convention in Florida, Mr Cantalupo, who was 60, died after a heart attack.
II. Translate the following paragraph into English. (30 points)
   One day the cleaning lady saw the headmaster’s room covered with chicken feathers. She knew it meant that the blind gallant was about to kill so she immediately changed into her mysterious white clothing and went to the woods between the school and the mountains, only to find that the blind gallant was trying to kill the headmaster. She stopped it just in time and fought with the gallant fiercely. As she was less adept in martial arts, she was thrown down the mountain slope and, as a result, the headmaster was easily murdered.(15分)
   The wounded cleaning lady thought she was dying so she passed all her power to Heifeng, who, having had no training in martial arts till then, was knocked unconscious by the cleaning lady’s mighty power. When she recovered, however, she found changes in her body, especially with tiny white festers on her face. The only way to get rid of these was to do good deeds for others. In order to meet the second prince with a perfect appearance, Heifeng put on white robes to rob the rich and help the poor. She was then passed off as the “Flying White Dragon”.(15分)
III. Translate the following paragraph into English. (40 points)
    Dickens, whose career as a writer began on the day he became a journalist, was as great a writer as Balzac. He was a successful journalist but his real talent was mainly shown in his fiction. Dickens did not only belong to London—he belonged to the world. In the beginning, his novels were published in magazines as serials, with readers queuing to buy them freshly from the printer because they were so concerned with the fate of the characters. He needed money as much as Balzac and counted on the novels for his wealth.(20分)
Dickens was certainly a success in doing this but he was also spending money like water and despise the moderate. Therefore, he was as much a failure as a success because for him, success meant falling into water again. He knew how to enjoy life. When he invited friends to dinner in cold winter, he not only provided them with lavish meals but also hired people shouting “It’s so cold” in the snow outside, simply to create a kind of atmosphere for those who could enjoy themselves inside the house.(20分)
1. 英译汉: 错译一个词扣1-2分,错译一个短语扣2-3分,错译一个句子扣5-6分。基本意思正确但译语不通顺酌情扣1-2分。
2. 汉译英: 每个拼写错误、语法错误、用词错误均扣1分。影响句子整体结构的语法错误扣2-3分。因拼写错误、语法错误或用词错误造成与原文意思不符,根据句子长短酌情每句扣3-5分。
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